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If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you've come to the right place!
No matter if you're a professional singer, or if this will be your first voice lesson - I teach without judgement and believe in harnessing your natural talent while instilling the use of proper technique.
I work with clients of all ages and skill levels, and specifically tailor our individual lessons based on your needs, comfort level, and technical ability. I also work with clients of all voice types who have an interest in various genres of music including: musical theatre, classical, pop, rock, folk, jazz, blues, etc., so we can work on any type of music you love to sing!
More than anything, my goal is to help you gain the confidence you deserve and to use your voice to its fullest capability using healthy technique, free of tension, grounded in truth, and to have fun throughout the process!
  • You'll receive an assortment of vocal exercise accompaniment tracks that I'll create for you specifically tailored to your vocal range. They'll be sent to you via Google Drive / Dropbox before our first lesson together and I'll guide you through each exercise during the first half of every lesson.
  • All you'll need is access to two smart devices with both audio and video capabilities (computer, iPhone, tablet, etc.) - one of them to be on our Zoom / FaceTime / Skype call together, and the other to play and sing along to each vocal exercise accompaniment track. You'll also be able to access accompaniment tracks of the songs that you'd like to work on through sites such as YouTube or Spotify.
  • We'll use our time together however you'd like and focus on what you're needing the most help with. That can range from things such as breath support, pitch, intonation, difficulty in hitting certain notes or feeling like you're straining, song recommendations, overall confidence and whatever else you need! Every client is unique and on their own personal journey with their voice, and we can work at whatever pace is most comfortable for you!
Clients have said...

"Recently, I decided to take voice lessons again after a very long hiatus. I feel so fortunate to be working with Nick. He is a superb vocal coach and teacher. It is rare to find someone who is both incredibly talented at their craft and humble, patient, and compassionate. Nick is a delight to learn from. He explains techniques and skills very clearly and uses great imagery. Nick gives very constructive feedback and is always positive and encouraging. He truly cares about each of his students and is dedicated to helping them reach their goals. Whether you are on a professional track, or simply want to discover or reclaim the joy of performing Nick is the perfect guide for your vocal journey." -Annie R.


"Nick is an amazing teacher and vocal coach! Always extremely encouraging! He takes the time to tailor each lesson to address things that I was uncomfortable with. Coming off of a previous vocal injury, he has given me the tools to prevent future injuries and free up tension. Nick is great with visual cues and explains the process extremely well. We've broken old bad habits and created a tension free singing style!" -Chris B.


"My eight year old daughter takes voice lessons from Nick and absolutely loves working with him. Nick is so patient and encouraging. I’m certain he treats my daughter just like his professional vocal clients. I was unable to find a voice teacher who would accept an eight year old student but Nick didn’t hesitate. I’ve seen her improve dramatically in the last couple months she’s been working with Nick. Not only is Nick Cosgrove an incredible talent, he’s an exceptional teacher. I’m grateful to be able to have my little one work with him and would whole heartedly recommend him as a vocal coach!" -Mary Catherine R.C.


"I have known Nick for a few years now and when a slot opened up in his lesson schedule I immediately messaged him with tons of questions. Nick was very thorough and answered all of my questions and concerns. We scheduled a first lesson and WHOA! Since my first lesson in April I have noticed that I have improved more than ten-fold! (and usually I am the last to notice an improvement). Nick has raised up not only a powerhouse voice (that I was unaware I had), but skyrocketed my confidence not only as a performer and singer, but as a person. I am mastering songs faster than ever, all of which have been rather on the challenging side. Nick is full of grace, humor, patience, encouragement, and understanding. He uses visualization which is how I learn best. I honestly can't recommend Nick more. You will be shocked how fast you improve and how many challenging pieces you can do." -Kate H.


"Nick is everything that I could have wished for in a vocal coach and more. He obviously loves to teach and takes so much pride in the progression of his students. Nick gives great thought to preparing for and structuring each lesson. He is the master of positive reinforcement while still providing constructive feedback by making and communicating his “notes" in a manner that is instantly understandable. He very quickly helped me to find notes that I thought were forever lost due to age. I find my hour with Nick to be a highlight of my week as I end every lesson with a smile, infected by his extraordinary but genuine enthusiasm. Whether you are young or old, amateur or professional, you will benefit more than you imagined from your lessons with Nick." -Mike L.

"After years of singing (and a long pandemic lockdown), I had gotten a little lazy vocally and felt it was time to shake off the cobwebs and look into taking voice lessons. Thankfully, Nick took me on and I am so grateful. Nick is just the best! He is kind, encouraging and patient, which makes him both an exceptional teacher and person. He cleverly uses imagery when teaching, which I find so helpful. I have “relearned” so much about breath support, diction and phrasing. In our lessons, Nick immediately identifies what I need to work on with constructive feedback, then cheers me on when I successfully apply it! In a short period of time, Nick has given me the confidence and the tools to keep on singing strong! He is an absolute joy to work with and I highly recommend him as a vocal coach!!" -Meg C.

“I first met Nick through a chance encounter after a truly breathtaking performance he gave. When I found out that he gave voice lessons, I was eager to sign up out of my love for music, but soon after was completely petrified by what he might think when he first heard me sing. I was hardly the star he was–I could barely even get a solo in my (very small) college choir. But Nick put me at ease right away. He was warm and supportive, and he really didn’t judge me for not knowing some of the most basic things, like the right way to breathe. Instead, he cheered me on for learning, like he always does. Progress was shockingly immediate every week! And by the fifth lesson, amidst many spectacular changes, I noticed a difference I never expected to see when I first signed up–singing for him no longer made me nervous! In fact, I looked forward to it, including his notes, because that was just more room to grow. Nick has truly been an angel on my shoulder, who not only gives the most faultless constructive criticism and great visual cues, but constantly reminds me of the most important lesson–that we’re all human! We all struggle, we all make mistakes, and we’re all capable of so much more than we imagine! I couldn’t recommend him more!” -Heather B.

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