Do you want to invest more in your craft and enhance your performance and auditioning skills?

Whether it's breaking down your monologues or sides, helping you find vocal ease through different parts of your songs, or just talking through general audition questions or concerns, I want to help you gain the confidence you deserve to walk into your next audition feeling fully prepared and have your work grounded in truth.

To schedule a 1-hour Facetime/Zoom/Skype or in-person appointment with Nick, please fill out this form to receive rates and additional info:
Previous clients have said...

“Nick is warm, open, and professional. His coaching style is totally actor-driven and made me feel comfortable and confident going into my audition. Nick has a way of boiling down the material to a simple and understandable level, allowing the performer to feel natural and connected. I was grateful for the opportunity to work with him and would recommend him highly!” - Tom V. (Actor & Music Director)

“I highly recommend working with Nick. During our sessions, I was able to find things in myself that I had never found before. Whether it was through the scene or the song, Nick opened my eyes to help me portray an honest and intelligent piece of art. Plus, I had fun the entire time.” - Zach P. (Actor)

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